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AluPro Health Bluetooth® Headset

clip&talk Health* allows individuals and their loved ones to remotely monitor their health and wellness effortlessly even while talking!  Groundbreaking, patented and clinically validated optical sensor technology coupled with mobile app generates health alerts and creates valuable health databanks.


Elegantly designed in sleek aluminum casing with unique and patented earpiece clip mechanism that allows easy access at all times for safe hands-free talking and ensures that user does not lose it. Off-to-talk in 2-3 seconds saves clip&talk and cellphone battery life. Dynamic sound with noise reduction technology allows for wide range of crystal clear sound quality.


Enjoy music, FaceTime, YouTube, multimedia/apps and other smartphone features. It charges via patented earpiece clip that functions as a USB cordless charger and also has a built-in memory stick and memory card reader. It’s your smartwatches/smartphones new best friend and a must have health, safety and hands free solution.


  • Bluetooth V4.1

  • Supports HSP, HFP, A2DP,  AVRCP

  • Dual silicon mics, DSP audio

  • Working distance <= 10m

  • Weight 17g

  • Battery status meter (iOS)

  • Freq. response 20 – 20,000Hz

  • Charging time <= 2 hours

  • Talk time <= 4 hours

  • Music time <= 4 hours

  • Standby time 70h in ON position

  • Standby time 1 year in OFF TO TALK IN 2-sec mode

  • Eight device memory

  • Sensitivity 109 +/- 2dB

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smartphone smartwatch compatible.2
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Plays well with social media
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clip&talk Health app
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  • Heart Rate

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

  • Breathing Rate

  • VO2

  • Calories

  • Steps

  • Distance

  • Motion

alu Health

meet the next generation of Bluetooth Headsets with clinical accuracy

clip&talk Health is a PATENTED Bluetooth headset that has a CLINICALLY VALIDATED & PATENTED optical sensor & an iOS/android app that measures heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), breathing rate, VO2, calories, steps taken, & more while using it.

clip&talk Health is our reinvention of the classic Bluetooth headset that enables users to remotely monitor their health and wellness effortlessly and lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

This multifunctional device is a game changer in Bluetooth earpieces because it monitors your health and wellness non-invasively and with clinical precision; via a patented optical sensor that is built into the Headset and a corresponding APP.  It also detects if values are outside of normal ranges and sends notifications to you and your designated family, friends or health care providers.

"clip&talk Health was was created with the idea of saving lives!" 

  • wireless USB charging

  • built-in memory stick 

  • couples with clip&talk Health app

  • creates valuable health data

  • works with multimedia apps

  • clinically validated optical sensor for effortless health and wellness monitoring*

  • off to talk 2-3 seconds technology

  • patented clip-on feature

Did you know that the ear is the most accurate place in the human body to measure a person's vitals in a non-invasive way?!
A research study at MIT concluded that the ear provides the most accurate non-invasive vitals readings.

Results from research at MIT shows that the ear is a “superior location for continuous and wearable vital signs monitoring.” Researchers agree that one of the biggest problems with personal health monitoring methods is finding devices that offer non-invasive comfort and wearability while also delivering clinical accuracy.

We at clip&talk have set out to solve this problem. Our earpiece design and function molds to fit your life. A hypoallergenic ear cushion allows for a customizable fit; off-to-talk technology conserves battery for users with long and productive days ahead; a wear-it-easy access clip attaches to shirts, bags or belts so users won’t lose their device; and hands-free functionality allows for easy multitasking and safety.

clip&talk Health fits seamlessly into the lives of a wide array of users and thus, so does health monitoring. While listening to music, video audio, GPS audio direction or talking with friends, family and professional associates, clip&talk Health users will be simultaneously creating invaluable health and wellness databanks for later use - all hands-free!

Users may add friends, family and doctors of their choosing to receive their health notifications and data in real time. Our partnership with Valencell, the leaders in high performance sensor technology, makes our recorded health data among the most accurate on the market.

  • The continuous HEART RATE monitor creates a baseline reference of user’s vitals under normal conditions, a valuable tool in a health emergency.

  • HRV records may alert users to changes in stress and anxiety levels or cardiovascular health, promoting an awareness of their personal health and wellbeing.

  • V02 records reveal changes in the aerobic physical fitness of users so they can keep working towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • The CALORIE counting feature enables users to set and track their fitness goals daily whether they’re working up a sweat at the gym or just counting their steps around town.

  • Paired with BREATHING RATE records, these features highlight the importance of physical and mental health as users work towards a more improved state of being.  

As clinical validations continue, we will be adding trackable vitals such as:

  • blood pressure

  • blood oxygen

  • temperature

clip&talk Health app is a user friendly iOS/android app that:

  • generates health alerts

  • creates valuable health databanks

  • enables you to monitor your health & wellness effortlessly on a daily basis.


It also sends notifications to your designated recipients if your vitals are outside of your normal range.

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