"Next Generation" Bluetooth Headset with “earpiece clip” & “off to talk in 2 seconds” technology, combined with a clinically validated optical sensor, result in a "Revolutionary Bluetooth" that remotely monitors your health and wellness effortlessly even while talking.
Accurately monitors heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing rate. It also calculates VO2 steps, distance, calories and motion. User engaged health data and user health logs create a database for the user, his/her medical practitioner and loved ones.
Health vitals are monitored and captured every time the user places the clip&talk in his / her ear . This creates reference baselines of the user’s health and wellness under normal living conditions, a valuable health tool.
Daily questionnaire (max 30 seconds) engages the user into becoming his/her own body sensor in addition to the in-ear optical sensor. This combination, together with unique algorithms allows the user to be proactive in the management of his/her health.
A combination of sensor data, user inputted data and algorithms generate health alerts for the user and designated recipients. Notifies user if his/her vitals are:
normal: within normal range
caution: outside normal range
alert: significantly outside normal range.
An integrated health and wellness platform that monitors and promotes the user’s health and wellbeing covering not only physical health but also mental health and an improved lifestyle & state of being.
Provides access to health, medical and lifestyle information that can improve user’s wellness such as first aid, parental advice, symptom checker, hospitals, doctors, prescription drugs, pharmacies, allergy, hotlines, dining, movies, travel, sport, yoga, dance, & much more.
Allows and motivates the user to set and track goals related to exercise, diet, family, mind, body, soul, career and business.
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“Groundbreaking, patented & clinically validated  sensor technology & mobile app generate health alerts and create valuable health databanks allowing individuals and their loved ones to effortlessly monitor their health and wellness even while talking!”             

health monitor app*

Health and Wellness monitoring

Your body vitals and health questionnaire data are transmitted via the clip&talk Health app to certified and strictly private servers where algorithms constantly process the data to provide real time health & wellness alerts.


Only you have access to this information; you can also give your family, friends, doctors and/or healthcare providers access to all or parts of your health and wellness data if you would like, so that they can remotely monitor your health and advise you on any action that may be necessary.  If an alert gets generated, it is sent via email and/or text to any other person(s) that you have authorized to receive them.

  • Breathing Rate

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  • VO2

  • Heart Rate Variability(HRV)

  • Heart Rate

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*Disclaimer: clip&talk Health is not providing medical advice or diagnostic services. Users should consult a physician or healthcare professional about any health issues and before making changes to their current care